Arizona Military Support/Freedom Specialty Plate

Show your appreciation for the freedom that we enjoy as Americans and say thank you to a veteran by purchasing a Freedom special plate.

?Can anyone purchase a Freedom special plate?
Yes, this plate is available to everyone. There are no special requirements.

What is the cost of the plate?
The cost is $25 initially, with $17 of the fee going to a special fund to benefit veterans. There is a $25 annual renewal fee.

When will I receive my new plate?
All Desert Title locations have standard issue Freedom license plates in stock, so you can take them with you the same day you apply for them.

?Is this plate available in a size to accommodate motorcycles and golf carts?
Yes, it is also available in a small size for motorcycles and golf carts.

?Can this plate be personalized? If so, how many characters are allowed?
Yes. A full size personalized plate may have a maximum of seven characters, and a small size plate may have a maximum of five characters. Your personalized Freedom plates will be mailed to you approximately three weeks after ordering.

?How many plates are issued?
One standard issue plate will be issued. If personalized, two full size plates will be issued, but only one small size plate will be issued.

?Can I get this plate with a disability symbol?
Yes. Your Freedom license plate (full size or small) with a disability symbol will be mailed to you approximately three weeks after ordering. It is also important to know about the home care available to you should you need it, you can visit here for an example of an NDIS services Melbourne area to see what sort of support is accessible, and there are many places to find this in your local area.

What do I do with my old plates?
You can send your old plates back to MVD or simply discard them.

?I’m ready for a Freedom plate. What do I do now?
Just come into any Desert Title location, fill out your application, and we will quickly take care of you. There is no appointment needed. And thank you for supporting our veterans!