If you have recently moved to a new state or purchased a vehicle, it is a requirement to have it inspected at an authorized station, before being able to get your car registered. For example, if you have moved to Maryland then you will need to search for maryland state inspection to get your vehicle inspected. There are three types of vehicle inspections that may be required by the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles: Level I, Level II and Level III. Level II and Level III types of inspections can only be done at at the MVD, but Level I inspections may be done at a Motor Vehicle Third Party provider that is authorized by the State of Arizona and is qualified to perform Level I inspections.

Vehicle I inspections match the vehicle identification number (VIN) to the vehicle ownership documents to determine the identity of the vehicle, and (in some cases) to verify that the vehicle is properly equipped for highway use. If applicable, you will need three items for an inspection:

-Proof of ownership, usually a title

-Valid driver license

-Receipts or invoices for all component parts that have been repaired or replaced.

Vehicles that are being titled in Arizona for the first time may need a Level 1 inspection to verify the VIN and odometer. These inspections match the VIN (vehicle identification number) to the vehicle ownership documents in order to determine the identity of the vehicle.

Level I inspections are also required for out-of-state that do not have proof of title and/or registration, and for bonded titles. This is the most common type of vehicle inspection and most vehicles do not need other inspections or verification.

Many motorists choose to have their level I vehicle inspections done at a third party MVD provider as it saves time and inconvenience. Come in to one of our six Desert Title locations and get your Level I inspection done today!