Managing a fleet of vehicles is no easy task, no matter what size the vehicles are. If you need to keep on top of commercial trucks then you need to think about getting them checked up at the Ferguson Truck Center regularly, keep drivers updated on where they need to be, deal with any delays or breakdowns, ensure your vehicles and drivers are compliant, and much more. Fleets of vans and custom cars are also difficult to manage. On top of this, the world of delivery driving is currently going through some big changes. It’s no secret that companies like GSMTasks are using technology to create software that is revolutionizing the logistics industry. Thanks to their route optimization software for example, both large and smaller firms can take advantage of the benefits. From less time in traffic, to more time spent making customers happy, the effect on business productivity speaks for itself.

Additionally there are other ways to streamline your administrative workload. As an alternative to maintaining individual registrations, that expire at different times of the year, a vehicle owner may register some or all of his/her vehicles under one permanent fleet registration account. This would come in handy if the fleet all used dash cams (buy them here: BlackBoxMyCar) as they can all be registered to one account, thus making it easier to track footage should any accidents happen. The registration for all vehicles in the permanent fleet account will have the same date. If you’re looking to acquire lease vehicles for your company fleet, there’s a selection of vans and pickups over at Intelligent Van Leasing. We’re sure you have many questions, so click on the link below that matches your question:

?Who is eligible?
Anyone owning two or more vehicles.

?What are the benefits?
• Registration is paid for all vehicles in the fleet at the same time each year with a single payment.
• You choose the expiration month (month of payment) that best suits your finances.
• One PERM (permanent) tab is issued per vehicle, which is not replaced at the time of registration renewal.
• One registration is initially issued per vehicle as usual but is not replaced each year.
• You pay your annual fees, and the process is complete.

How do I apply?
• Come in to any Desert Title location, fill out an application, and we will take care of the rest. Please note:
? For heavy-weight vehicles over 55,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight, you must include a copy of IRS Form 2290 (Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form with Schedule I) that has been filed with the Internal Revenue Service.
? Normal emissions testing and insurance requirements apply.

Does fleet registration cost the same?
A one-time $2.00 identification fee is charged for each vehicle when it is added to a fleet.

?Will my vehicles still have to be emission tested?
Establishing a permanent fleet does not change the emissions requirements. If your vehicle required emissions testing prior to being added to the fleet, it will still be required.

?How are fleet vehicles renewed?
Each year you will receive a renewal notice with a list of all vehicles that are currently registered in your fleet.
• If you have changes: Make any corrections/updates or delete vehicles.
• Return the renewal information to Fleet Services, and they will send you a new payment invoice.
• Or, visit any Desert Title location to make changes and pay the updated renewal fee. We will quickly take care of you.
• If you have no changes: Just make your payment online (after completing any required emissions tests as usual).

?Can I make partial payments?
No, the entire amount must be paid in full.

?How can I make my registration payment?
1. Online: Credit card or e-check
2. Mail: Credit card, check or money order
3. In Person: Go to any Desert Title location and we will quickly take care of you. There is no appointment needed.

Why do you ask for the county where the vehicle is domiciled and driven?
The county is needed for the proper distribution of the vehicle license tax (VLT).

?Is there a charge for replacing a lost registration or plate?
The charge for replacing a lost plate is $5.00, plus postage/handling. There is no cost to replace a lost or damaged permanent fleet registration document.

?I am ready to create a permanent fleet account. What do I do now?
Just come into any Desert Title location, fill out your application, and we will quickly take care of you. There is no appointment needed.