Most of us have experienced, at one time or another, the agony of shopping for a new car by visiting a dealership. While a lot of companies that offer you the chance to Buy a Chevy Silverado are perfectly pleasant, the rigmarole of purchasing a brand new ride can sometimes be too much. It’s not just getting the car though that is hard, but also getting the right car insurance can be a difficult (you can check out someone like one sure insurance though to help you out with that part). We go to the dealer lot and are subject to the hoops the salesman asks us to jump through. We at Desert Title endeavor to bring you new information and new methods of purchasing a new car that go beyond walking the lot, kicking the tires and the negotiations that seem to take hours, making you wonder if you even want a new car. Even though you know that this is something that you want, you may begin to start second-guessing yourself and this could leave you without a car. Places similar to All Car Leasing have listed the world cars of the year for the last decade and to help people determine which car may be better suited to them. Don’t be put off by your car dealership, you should fight for the perfect car for you. This is just one possible tool to get you into that new car with a minimum of pain and stress while hopefully saving some cash:

Consumer Reports (CR) has a new car buying system. By using their system, they say you will never overpay for a new car again! They offer a simple “system” for getting the best possible price on a new car. Despite the guide, buying a new car is never a ‘cheap’ decision to make, and can still cause serious financail strain for people. That is why many people decide to take out a car loan to finance their vehicle and use a car payment calculator to work out exactly how much they need to pay back.

CR has identified 3 easy steps that will put negotiations in the car buyer’s favor. CR reports that those who follow the CR 3-step system save $1,661 on average, and sometimes much more, depending on the price of the car.

A 3-STEP PRICING SYSTEM, all in one customized report

There is a CR New Car Price Report for nearly every new car make and model on the lot. And the New Car Price Report supplies you with key pricing information you can’t find just anywhere.

Your Consumer Reports New Car Price Report Contains:
• Detailed Pricing of All Factory-Installed Options
• Unpublished Dealer Incentives and Holdbacks
• Equipment Cost and Recommendations
• Current Safety Ratings
• Negotiating Tips and Traps

STEP 1: Find out what the dealer paid
Request a CR New Car Price Report and you’ll have the dealer invoice price for all factory-installed options and packages available for the make and model you’re purchasing.

STEP 2: Find out what the dealer receives in hidden rebates
Dealers receive all kinds of cash rebates and unadvertised incentives from car manufacturers. Your New Car Price Report exposes these hidden bonuses so you can lower your offer.

STEP 3: Find out your Consumer Reports Bottom Line Price
Here’s the key to your deal. Your New Car Price Report goes beyond the invoice price to show you want the dealer actually paid for the exact car you’re buying. They call it the “CR Bottom Line Price,” and once you know it, they say you’ll never overpay.

When it’s time to talk trade-in, you should know what your trade-in is worth whether you sell it privately or to a dealership. You can get that information from CR too, and it costs an additional $12. (Of course, you can check Kelly Blue Book on-line for free. Just go to and answer all of the relevant information about your trade-in. They will give you two prices: what you can expect to get if you sell to a private party and what you can expect to get if you trade your vehicle in at a dealership.)
To take advantage of Consumer Reports’ New Car Buying System, you can call 1 -800-348-3014. You will pay $14 for your first report and $12 for each additional report if you want information on more than one make and model of car.

Note: Desert Title has no affiliation with Consumer Reports and gets no money if you purchase their system. We simply want to give you options and resources for making the best deal possible when you buy a new car.