Since 1998 there has been over a 347% increase in the amount of Arizona’s OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle) recreational use.  Because of the large influx of new OHV users’, Arizona Game and Fish Department has added new OHV Decal laws for all OHV user’s which took effect beginning  January 1, 2009.  These new laws are intended to help Arizona Game and Fish Department protect our habitat and ensure sustained opportunities for our states OHV users.  Revenues generated from this law are used to pay for trail maintenance, signage, facility development, enforcement, and more.  The new OHV Decal law will require all qualifying vehicles to purchase and display the Decal while operating vehicles on state owned land.  Full information on obtaining your OHV Decal and the legal requirements while riding can be found below.
– Which vehicles are required to obtain an OHV Decal?
- How much does the Decal cost?  Do I have to renew?
- What laws do I need to know about when riding?
- I have my decal, where can I ride?
- Can I ride on State Trust Land?
- What do I need to do to drive my OHV on the street?
- Out of State Riders Information

Which vehicles are required to obtain an OHV Decal?
The new OHV law is intended for all vehicles traveling off-highway or on trails, mainly including all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), dirt bikes, dune buggies, sand rails, and snowmobiles.  Pickup trucks, SUVs, cars and other recreational vehicles are not required to obtain the OHV Decal.
To be qualified for the OHV Sticker, your vehicle must meet BOTH following requirements:
-Your Vehicle is designed by the manufacturer primarily for travel over unimproved terrain, AND
-Your vehicle has an unladen weight of eighteen hundred (1800lb) pounds or less.

How much does the Decal cost?  Do I have to renew?
If your vehicle meets the requirements specified by the new law, you are required to own and display a current OHV Decal on your vehicle at all times when operating.  The OHV Decal can be purchased from a Desert Title Services office or a qualifying MVD office for a fee of $25.00/Year.  The decal is not available from an Arizona Game and Fish Department office.  As of April 1, 2011, a renewal notice for your OHV Decal will be sent from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, requiring you to renew your decal at an MVD office.  Please remember, it is the owner’s responsibility to renew your Decal; your Decal will not automatically renew.

What laws do I need to know about when riding?
It is important to know the new law also imposes new equipment requirements for all riders.  Some of the requirements are specified in older statues already part of Arizona Law.  We have condensed a list of ALL current Arizona OHV operator laws below; please ensure you know all of these laws before taking your trip outdoors.
– A properly fitted and fastened U.S. DOT-Approved helmet for riders under 18 (ARS 28-1179B)
- Functioning brakes (ARS 28-1179A.1)
- Lighted head and tail lights when operated 30 minutes before sunrise, or 30 minutes after sunset. (ARS 28-1179A.2)
- A muffler or noise dissipative device that prevents sound above 96 decibels. (ARS 28-1179A.3)
- A USDA-Approved spark arrestor device. (ARS 28-1179A.4)
- Eye protection for operators of vehicles not equipped with a windshield. (ARS 28-964A)
- License plate securely fastened to and visible from the rear end of the vehicle. (ARS 28-2512D.1&2)
- Rear-view mirror. (ARS 28-964B)
- Brake light and at least one red reflector (If taillight does not reflect). (ARS 28-927)
- Seat and footrests for operator and passenger if the vehicle is designed to carry one. (ARS 28-964B)
- In designated areas including sand dunes, a flag flying at least 8 feet above ground level and at least 6 by 12 inches in size may be required. (ARS 28-1179A.5)

I have my decal, where can I ride?
Assuming you have met the specified equipment requirements and own your OHV Decal, Arizona law allows you to operate your OHV in the following areas:
– Dirt roads located in an unincorporated area of the state (Unpaved or ungraveled road not maintained by the state, country, city, or town).
- An OHV Special Event
- An OHV that is incidentally operated or moved on a highway.
- A golf cart used on a golf course or incidentally operated or moved on a highway.
- Travel in these areas are limited to roads, trails and areas that are designated open by the land management for vehicle use.

Can I ride on State Trust Land?
Owning an OHV Decal allows you to cross State Trust Land only on designated or open existing roads and trails.  Crossing closed land is prohibited.  Activities such as picnics and camping on  State Trust Land will require a Recreation Permit obtained from the Arizona State Land Department.  Operating a support vehicle such as an RV, truck, or trailer  on State Trust Land also requires a Recreation Permit.
The law also strictly prohibits:
- Travel that causes damage to wildlife habitat, riparian areas, cultural or natural resources or property or improvements.
- Reckless operation of your OHV.
- Removal or replacement of regulatory signs.

What do I need to do to drive my OHV on the street?
In order to operate your OHV on maintained or paved streets and roads and become “street legal,” you must complete additional requirements.  All of these services can be completed at a Desert Title Services office or other qualifying MVD office.
-You must have an Arizona Certificate of Title registered in your name.
-You must have a clearly visible and attached Arizona license plate.
-The OHV Decal must be displayed in the top-left corner of the license plate.

In addition, to become “street legal” the following vehicle requirements must be met:
-License plate light
-Horn audible from 200 feet
-Proper insurance.
-Emissions are required on certain vehicles.

Out of State Riders
The new OHV Decal laws allows out of state riders to enjoy the Arizona outdoors with only limited requirements.  As long as the following is met, riders are allowed the same access as those with an OHV Decal.
- You are the owner of the vehicle and not a resident of Arizona.
- Your vehicle displays a current OHV user sticker or registration from state of residency.
- Your vehicle is not in Arizona for 30 or more consecutive days.

Obtaining your OHV Decal
You can obtain your OHV Decal from a Desert Title Services office or other qualifying MVD office for a fee of $25/year.  For a list of Desert Title offices around the state, please click here.